Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"i had just learned enough to know that i don't know anything again!"
---richard williams
i've been doing a lot of reading since summer started and so far, it's been a wonderfully astonishing journey: i can't count the number of times when i've been utterly awestruck by the ingenious works of my predecessors. meanwhile, it's also been tremendously agitating- even devastating at times- to discern how truly inexperienced i am as an amateur draftsman.

but hey, no pain no gain right?

i'm trudging on.

haha alright this last one's a total cop out. instead of operating outside of my comfort zone, i regressed right back to drawing pretty faces... but really though... i needed a break from doing master studies and anatomy lessons.


  1. 2nd drawing makes me think you should draw pat benetar covers, and the 4th I've seen before verbatim somewhere else. Still I love the way you draw lips. Makes me wish you did black people.

    Btw I thought carrots only improve the performance of your cone cells...allowing you to see better at night. Then again what do I know I'm not a biologist. At least your sight is still perfect, I had my childhood dream of being a navy fighter pilot crushed years ago (air force just maybe).