Thursday, August 13, 2009

when it rains

time carries us away
from all the places we have come to love
just wishing we could stay

but maybe
maybe that's not the point
maybe what makes this all so god damn beautiful
is knowing that it's bound to fade in time

and so it comes, the heavy rain...
the storm we've all been waiting for
to wet our hearts and make sense of this pain
from standing still
for far too long
just holding on to all the things that
you know will only hold you back in the end

do you remember that rainy afternoon
when we knew we'd found perfection
but somewhere deep inside
we knew it had come too soon for us to hang on
or try to make it last

we can't forget these moments baby
but our lives are now
don't lose yours in the past
one day when we find ourselves i swear i'll find you again

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"i had just learned enough to know that i don't know anything again!"
---richard williams
i've been doing a lot of reading since summer started and so far, it's been a wonderfully astonishing journey: i can't count the number of times when i've been utterly awestruck by the ingenious works of my predecessors. meanwhile, it's also been tremendously agitating- even devastating at times- to discern how truly inexperienced i am as an amateur draftsman.

but hey, no pain no gain right?

i'm trudging on.

haha alright this last one's a total cop out. instead of operating outside of my comfort zone, i regressed right back to drawing pretty faces... but really though... i needed a break from doing master studies and anatomy lessons.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


sketch dump for laila's hair designs...

^ got axed for obvious reasons. first design: hair= too long and complicated; second design: getting warmer but still needs work.
(and uh... the girl's not actually laila, just some random chick... idk why D:)

^3rd time's the charm right? dimensions for the final design.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"i got a closet filled to the brim...

...with the ghosts of my past and the skeletons"

it's been 5 years and i still don't know what i'm doing... orz

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

diamond in the rough

thought i'd brush up on the fundamentals this past week, thus, i present you with:

studies of


lol i'm too lazy/cheap to get stubs so i just used my fingers to blend XD i was scared that it'd make a mess and ruin my lines but canson's paper actually stood the test :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

new beginnings!

following the completion of my sophomore year @ NYU, it became painfully clear to me that i needed to drop the slacker attitude and get my shit together over the summer.

so the first thing i decided to tackle was anatomy (my archilles heel!).

after reading willy pogany's the art of drawing and barrington barber's the basics of drawing, i made a couple of homely sketches based on pogany's studies:

my plan is to get a good feel for how figure drawing works before attempting life drawing. after that, i'll hopefully feel confident enough to start working on a sequential art project that i've wanted to do for the past 3 years.

i'm pretty impatient when it comes to making progress so i've vowed to draw every day of the summer to maximize the results.

fingers crossed that it'll pay off!!