Wednesday, June 17, 2009

diamond in the rough

thought i'd brush up on the fundamentals this past week, thus, i present you with:

studies of


lol i'm too lazy/cheap to get stubs so i just used my fingers to blend XD i was scared that it'd make a mess and ruin my lines but canson's paper actually stood the test :)


  1. A couple of the feet (top left, bottom left) feel a bit weird to me, but the top right and bottom right have a great sense of form to appreciate. Same with the top left hand, which has some engaging contrast and depth to it, especially around the thumb.

    The portrait seems like a used-to-be-but-no-longer-super-young princess type character.

  2. well, it's good to see you doing work :)
    ....but I don't think I'm qualifed to critique least not body parts >_> lol
    anyways, I guess I'll be stalking you on this :P