Wednesday, February 17, 2010

drawing from life

oh god... how long has it been since i last updated?

i haven't been slacking off i swear!! over winter break, i read a couple of really helpful books, including perspective made easy by earnest norling and figure drawing for all it's worth by andrew loomis. very very good reads. i would highly recommend both.

^study of torso from anatomy: a complete guide for artists by
joseph sheppard

over the course of last semester, it has dawned upon me how absolutely vital life drawing is to an aspiring illustrator/animator. and so, staying true to my 'all or nothing' motto, i booked both life drawing sessions offered at NYU. to be sure, it was very intimidating to attempt life drawing for the first time. the 30 sec/1 min. rapid poses were particularly difficult. BUT. challenges are how we learn best. after a full month of training, i am pleasantly surprised by how much i've gained from these life drawing sessions.

^20 min. life drawing

...and things are only gonna get better from here on out :)

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  1. wat the heck, we never had 20 minute drawing... nice hips tho. i like it when they dress up

    ps - that sounded dirty...but its true ;-)