Sunday, May 2, 2010


i don't think i've felt a greater sense of urgency as i watch my friends from a year ahead graduate from college. watching them grapple with their hopes and fears is like peering into a mirror.

it's gonna be a bumpy road ahead...
but i know i'll get through it because coupled with this formidable anxiety is a even more potent fervor to succeed.

time to break free from all the mental restrictions and follow the needle of my internal compass.

^mythical creature final for life drawing

^close up

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  1. It is really quite frigtening how quickly time has passed and three years of college have already gone by...we've experienced so much of life but still have so much left to learn and live through. It's daunting that we'll be graduating soon and be set loose into the world >_< but I guess it's something that we all have to go through, another gauntlet to run, at least we'll have our friends at our side to share in the trauma/exhilaration lol
    But it's really clear that you're working really hard and you have come far. Your efforts will pay off, so try to keep your head up. Look towards the sky and believe that you can fly :)