Monday, July 19, 2010

lesson #29417

okay so i know in my last post i said i'd update every other day and completely didn't follow through.
but before you shoot me, just hear me out:
i took a week off from digital painting in order to learn more about the medium i'm working with. in retrospect, it was a reckless move to rush into digital painting with so little prep work done beforehand. if anything, DP has shown me just how little i know about form and rendering. consequently, i found myself trapped in an endless maze of confusion about 90% of the time -_-

so long story short, i decided to hit the books and picked up harold speed's the practice and science of drawing. when i got about 1/5 through the book, my head was already exploding with a long series of HOLY Ffdsakshit.

now i understand why the guy who rec'ed it to me dubbed it as the artist's bible. god, seriously, do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy.

oh yeah, this is some speed paint/doodle/thumbnail i did earlier today (that's a rose tat over her heart btw, in case the quality's too shitty for you to tell). having read TSPD, i realized that in the past, i've been way too focused on technicality and not nearly as much on the emotional quality of my works. so of course i'm gonna make amends from now on!


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