Thursday, September 23, 2010


how is it end of september already?!?

i've been living on 5 hours of sleep/day for the past 2 weeks trying to make various deadlines... i seriously do not recall ever being this stressed out. cries.

(yeah exactly, this kid looks like how i feel lol)

most of the work i've been doing revolve around my thesis film, flora. i don't really wanna go too much into details, but it has to do with a 4-year-old girl and a pot of flower.

i based my preliminary design on the character penny from the rescuers. it was really helpful in getting the feel of the kid's personality but i need to find a way to integrate it into my own style.

i was up at 2AM roughing out concept art for my drawing and design class. sometimes i really wonder if i signed up for the right major because i have a real hard time simplifying my designs. now if i went into illustration/sequential art i would be rocking that shit. however, animation's a totally different ball game and i gotta play by the rules or strike the fuck out.

so basically, this year's gonna be hell for me haha. and i don't think i'll have time to work on anything outside of class. super sadface.

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